call center walls


Call Centre panel red black steel pillar pole metal

picture  1001

partition walls call center walls deviders
red blue green grey black and other colors
40 mm thick with absorption
in all sizes as you wish 50 - 70 cm high for 
fixing at the table desk top or partition walls
up to 2 meters high

blue partition walls

picture 1


picture 2

colors partition walls

light grey office partition walls call center furniture

picture 4

call center chairs in all colors fitting to the partition walls

picture 5

picture 6

picture 8

picture 9

design call center seperating partition walls with glass (white) 
colors blue, green, violet, light grey, maple, beach, light oak, dark oak
glass, other wooden walls if you want special production with quick delivery
world wide

picture 9 - a

picture 10

picture 11

picture 12


picture 13

picture 14

picture 15

picture 16

picture 17

pictures call center desks with deviders call center desktops 
blue seperating walls partitions partion walls blue red wine red


partition walls in all colors streight and rounded radius

2031[1].jpg 1970[1].jpg
picture 110 picture 120
DSCF1153.jpg DSCF1161[1].jpg
picture 130 picture 140

Call center walls to fix at the desk. Very cheap quick fast immediatly delivery export worldwide. Partition walls, call center panels seperated workstations movable walls seperate walls for call center.


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